Learn how to Strip Paint and Varnish using the Cooper’s Stripping System 

Video Tutorials

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Trigger Head Tutorial

Learn about how to properly use the Spray Triggers that are included with the Cooper’s Strip Club Products. In the video we cover some of the unique aspects of these sprayers like the Viton parts and go over common troubleshooting points like spray technique and cleaning

Realtime Tutorials

These tutorials are recorded live to show you the actual project being done in real-time so you can’t miss anything

Stripping VW Beetle Engine Lid - Live Stream

Stripping Bungalow Door - Live Stream
Stripping Villa Door - Live Stream
Stripping Jacobean Chair - Live Stream
Stripping Walnut Cabinet - Live Stream
Stripping Weatherboards - Live Stream
Stripping Exterior Window - Live Stream
Stripping Interior Window - Live Stream
Stripping Jeep - Live Stream
Stripping Varnish Chair - Live Stream
Stripping Antique Clock - Live Stream
"His Masters Voice" - Live Stream
Interior Window Stripping - Live Stream
Exterior Window Stripping - Live Stream
Stripping a Two Pack Coffee Table with Menz Shed Dannevirke - Live Stream
Stripping a Cast Iron Radiator - Live Stream

Fergie Tractor Stripping - Live Stream


Stripping Tutorials

Setting up the products
Correctly using a Trigger
Compressed Air Applicator
Scrubbing Technique
Wiping Technique
Brush Maintenance
Unforeseen Stripping Results
Grain Enhancing
Heat Gunning
Filling Small Holes in Timber
Health & Safety

Finishing Tutorials

Finishing 'Stripped' Timber with Moisturiser
Removing a water mark
Maintaining a Moisturised surface
Staining Timber


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