The Story of the Silver Fern Railcars

How to strip the graffiti off these Stainless-Steel clad Silver Fern Railcars

When I was a kid, I would marvel to see the Silver Fern Railcar blast pass like a silver bullet, never did I imagine that one day I would see them hold up in a railway yard with copious amounts of someone(s) uninvited artwork all over them.

Well, the new owners of the Silver Ferns (Pahiatua Railcar Society) understandably did not want the graffiti spoiling the beautiful shine of the stainless steel.

On reached out to us at the Cooper’s Strip Club we assured them that Cooper’s Products would be an ideal way to strip off the graffiti.

Being in the area we decided to do an on-site demo to show everyone the magic of Cooper’s and wow, magic it was, the graffiti did not stand a chance, it was virtually spray and wipe.

Fortunately, there was not any original paint work for the graffiti to stick onto, due to the surface being unfinished stainless steel, this made the stripping process easier.

Cheers to the Pahiatua Railcar Society for letting us video the area we stripped; it makes great viewing.

Quick Striptease

Watch the full video below

Tutorial – How to strip Graffiti from Stainless Steel

The Story Of The Silver Fern Railcars

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