Finishing ‘Stripped’ Timber with Moisturiser

The term ‘Stripped’ means timber that has been stripped using the Cooper’s Restoration System, which results in no sanding being required before refinishing.

1.    Apply “Moisturiser”

a.      Brush / Spray / Roll on a wet coat of “Moisturiser” to all the stripped surfaces.

b.      “Moisturiser” does not dry, so there is no need to be as particular about perfect brush technique or not allowing dust to get on the surface, as you would when applying polyurethane or paint.

2.    Wait 1 or more days

a.      Keep the surface wet with “Moisturiser” until the timber stops absorbing.

b.      Re-Apply as necessary to any areas where it has fully absorbed (a fully absorbed area will not have a wet reflection)

c.      Fill holes with a coloured “Wax Filler Stick”

·        If you decide to fill a hole that is unsightly, go to the “Filling Holes” section.

·        If the existing filler or blemish looks fine, leave it and move onto the next stage.

3.    Wipe off surplus ‘Moisturiser’, then buff till the surface glows

a.      Remove the surplus “Moisturiser” sitting on the timbers surface with a dry soft absorbent cloth.

b.      Buff the surface to a soft glow with clean dry lint free soft absorbent cloth.

Finishing ‘Newly Sanded’ Timber with Moisturiser

  • Not suitable for newly sanded floors
  • The term ‘Newly Sanded’ refers to timber that has been recently sanded, whether the timber is recently milled or has been recycled.
  • The glow that is produced after finally buffing the timber surface (step 3, above) is in fact the light reflecting off the surface, for this to happen the standard of sanding needs to be higher than for other finishes.
  • If significant sanding was required to remove an existing blemish or the project is part or fully made with new / recycled timber, ensure the timber is finely sanded to at least 320 grit and ‘Partially Sealed’ with a coat of ‘Semi Sealer’ see below (Steps1 – 3), before finishing with ‘Moisturiser’ see above (Steps1 – 3)

Partially Sealing Newly Sanded Timber with Semi Sealer

1.    Apply ‘Semi Sealer’

a.      Brush a thick coat of “Semi Sealer” onto the timber

2.    Wait 10 minutes…

… for the timber to absorb all the “Semi Sealer” it can

3.    Buff the Surface Dry

a.      Using a clean dry absorbent cloth buff any surplus ‘Semi Sealer’ from the timber.

Warning: The cloth used to remove the excess “Semi Sealer” should be hung out flat on a cloths line to dry or incinerated, as it is possible for the cloth to self combust as it dries.

4.    Leave two days

·        Leave 2 days for the “Semi Sealer” to dry before finishing with ‘Moisturiser’ as described above (Steps1 – 3)