Setting Up the Products

When handling the products, wear the appropriate safety equipment. See “Health and Safety” “Stripper”:

  1. Ensure the containers original lid is screwed on tight
  2. Invert the container and shake well so that any of the ingredients that have settled mix back together.
  3. Decant the “Stripper” into the applicator trigger bottle.
  • In the case of the 10 or 20 litre sizes, use a “Tap in a Cap”.
  • In the case of the ½, 1, 2 or 5 litre sizes, use a funnel, when pouring the 2 and 5 litre cans ensure the opening is at the top to reduce the chance of drips.

4. Attach the trigger head to the applicator bottle and you are ready to start.

  • If the tube that draws the “Stripper” out of the applicator bottle is to long, simple push down on the trigger head, forcing the tube to bend around the bottom of the bottle.
  • Shake before use if it has not been used for more than ½ an hour.

Cold weather: “Stripper” works best between 15 – 30 degrees C, if the ‘Stripper” drops below 15degress C, warm it by sitting the container into warm water, loosen the lid before warming to allow pressure to escape and then re-tighten afterwards. Do not use water that is over 40 degrees C, as the Stripper will boil.   “Flusher”: 1.      Decant “Flusher” using the same decanting procedure as for “Stripper”. As “Flusher” does not separate like “Stripper” and can be used at any temperature, there is no need to heat it in cold weather.   Steel Wool: 1.      Cut a length of approx 200 mm with an old pair of scissors or snips. a.      Do not cut next to where the liquids are as loose bits of wool may transfer into the liquids and may cause the applicator triggers to block. b.      Do not attempt to break the steel wool with your hands as strands of the wool may cut your hands. c.      Cut the wool to the desired length with a pair of snips while wearing gardening gloves. 2.      Twist the wool and fold it twice to form a bud that you are able to scrub with.