Your ability to apply an even wet coat of “Stripper” is critical for the success of the project. The aim is to produce an even wet coat that is neither a flood nor a drought; the evenness being easily seen as a reflection in the light, practice the method explained below until you are confident enough to start.


Important: If pressure builds up in the applicator bottle, the nozzle has the potential to drip. During use avoid putting the applicator bottle down on any surface that might be damaged.


a.      The nozzle on the end of the trigger will need to be adjusted to achieve the correct spray pattern. Pump the trigger to test the spray pattern, adjust accordingly.

b.      Several brisk pumps are required to build up pressure in the trigger head so that the correct spray pattern is achieved, once the trigger is spraying correctly move your wrist and arm at the same time the trigger is being squeezed. This is similar to the way a spray painter would work.

c.      Multiple light coats will produce a far better result by deeply penetrating the paint.

d.      Heavy applications will run off a vertical surface, wasting product & causing a mess.

e.      Keep the liquid levels in the bottles as full as possible to improve the product flow.

f.       At the end of any work period where triggers have been used, tip any unused product back into there respective containers. Rinse out the Strippers Applicator bottle with Flusher, then pump 5 – 10 pumps of Flusher through the trigger, discard of any Flusher that is left in the Strippers Applicator bottle, then finally pump the Triggers until they suck air.