Filling Small Holes (5mm) in timber with a “Wax Filler Stick”

1.    Apply the 1st coat of your chosen timber finish

a.      If you are using a finish that dries, allow it to dry before moving onto step 2

b.      If you are using Cooper’s Moisturiser, allow it to absorb for a few hours before moving onto step 2


2.    Prepare the holes to fill

a.      Dig out any old filler that does not blend with the surrounding timbers colour or that has started to crumble in the hole, the hole should be no more than 5 mm across in size, ensure the hole is dry.


3.    Fill the hole with a “Wax Filler Stick”

a.      Select the colour of “Wax Filler Stick” (See Cooper’s Range) that resembles the colour of the timber. A little darker is better than lighter.

b.      Using a medium level of pressure, rub the “Wax Filler Stick” vigorously back & forth across the hole, in the direction of the grain, until the hole fills completely.

c.      As no drying time is required, you can remove the excess wax immediately by lightly rubbing over the excess filler with a dry nylon abrasive pad.


4.    Check the colour match

a.      If the colour match is close enough the filling is done.

b.      If the colour match is not close enough, dig it out and try another colour.


5.    Continue with the finishing process