Window Stripping

Cooper’s strips any paint, any varnish

When it comes to stripping your windows it’s normal to be confronted by the scope of the project, the windows that won’t open or close properly because of the many coats of paint that have glued them shut. The tricky corners with all that built up paint that seems impossible to strip and of course the lead paint that we grind into dust with sandpaper, to spread around for everyone to breathe. And then there are those Heat Guns that more often than not crack the glass.

Cooper’s is the ideal way to strip your windows, our easy to use products and methods will remove any paint or varnish from the inside or outside of your Windows without the need to use Heat guns or sandpaper. Simon says their Stripper will dissolve any finish and their Flusher will rinse the surface clean and because the process is ‘wet’, there is no harmful dust or cracked glass to worry about.