Modified Broad Knife

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Made from rolled tempered Stainless Steel. The thin serrated edge is ideal for slicing into edges where paint has built up, allowing the stripper easier access into corners and grooves.

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This will be your most used and appreciated tool!

This modified broadknife is a very special multipurpose tool and unique to the Coopers Strip Club.

Broadknives look similar, but differences are significant and important to understand.


  • Flexible at the tip (not at the handle) so the blade is flat against the wood so it won’t mark the timber.
  • It has the perfect spring tension and blade width for heat gunning.
  • One side edge has been modified by Cooper’s with a serrated edge to pull paint out from behind architrave seams and mouldings.
  • The blade is made of quality rolled tempered stainless steel that runs the full length of the handle.


  • Paint stripping, removing the bulk of softened paint and varnish after the paint stripper has had time to work.
  • Cleaning gaps and joints.

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